Saturday, October 24, 2009

wow! ive abandoned my blog for sooo long~lets have some updates!

16/10/2009 - 20/10/2009

my mother's mother came to singapore!!!!wee realli glad to see her again after soooo long...i went to pick her up at hougang on the 16/10 and brought her to my home...along the journey jus seems so warm and cozy to me...there is lots of things i talk to her and i realised my ah ma is realli getting more and more old le..so may white hairs and its quite obvious to see her stamina is getting poorer..but! my kampong ah ma is realli a super woman!!! as we know in mrt if we saw an elderly we had to gave up our seat rite~and true enough it happen to my ah ma...her reaction was so fast that i din even realise she was actually sitted down!! a head turn and she was gone! i tot where she had gone~and this kind lady was kind enough to tell me that my ah ma had went right to the next cabin and sitted down!i was like huh! since when had she moved!the cabin was so crowded and she manage to dissapear from my sight! gosh! pro ah ma! lol..well,being filial..i brought her to lots of places to shop...eat good food and i finally COOKED for her!! yummy!


i did an extraordinary thing! i went to suprised boong at her working placed! well its a pre plan thing i din informed her! and it realli turn out to be a success! haz!day before i manage to dig out where she work and then i went online to look for the exact location! i hate locating locations online!its troublemsome! grr~k! then 2ndly in search for food as boong mention there is no good food around her work place~ so first choice shall be 933 curry chicken bun! but hu knoes as i call for delivery...the recept cant gave me an exact ans of what time they able to arrive..soo 933 curry is out of the choice! thus my end choice of food shall be the rites pizza! its way more convinent...placed my order at around 11am and they manage to send it to boong work place at 1130am as requested!they roxx!k travelling to her workplace is realli CMI soo i turn out to took a cab to her workplace from queenstown!reach the place at around 1105am...waited at the lobby for my pizza man while smsing rubbish with boong making sure she din eat anything at ALL! and then here i goes with foods in my hand at around 1135amand went straight to her office after glancing through the directory...frankiy speaking im jux trying my luck out to see whether im at the right place!lol...and ta tah! i hit the jackpot! called boong and it took her about 10 to 15 min believing in me that im at her office enterance@.@ well mission accomplished! spent about 2 hr with her in her office and true enough her workplace is reali entertaining...too bad no good looking guys!haaz!


went back to msia for a while as smth happened to my another ah ma~ wish she can pick herself up again...

i work half day onli! ha! seems like i took lots of day off this week huh! lazy me! spent the rest of my time ZZ at hm~ siok! O YA! its the catoon smurf bdae today!! happy birthday smurf!


HAPPY BDAE BOONG! welcome to the 20s ! though im turning 21 SOON! T.T today din celebrate her bdae as she is occupied by er dar dar le..soo turn out i went for a movie shopping and makan spree with wenhui la! gossiping seems to be the main topic for todae...we din realli focus on shopping...haz! we r the 3 8 as always when we r tgt.. watched the moive title: julie and julia...its an interesting movie..but dull at some parts though and im quite facinated by they cooking! yummy!! k after movie shop around for a few hr and we headed to yew tee to look for dr liu for a dinner cum supper session..nice gathering..talking craps and i finally manage to dig out his love life..bless him and his girlfren..they appear loving to me..so no point of me to admire him le la! gave up! new target coming up! hope its not a wrong guy again! haax!!! hope to have more of this gathering...its realli fun!

teochew porridge steamboat coming up! looking forward to later gathering and of course FOOD! =Dyummy!

o and forgot to mention i finished reading 2 biographies in 2 days! i mus be mad~ well as we knoe xiu hui always does her thing out of a sudden~ nice books to recommend. the titles are: escaping daddy and yakuza moon... nice novels...coming up next! im searching for a book title: 3 letters from teddy..hope i found it!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

hoi hoi! so long din blog wondering whether all my readers has gave on on my blog le ma?:D been wacking work for the past mth..well..its not fun at all especially when working with those u buay gum one.but the pay is attractive when pay day la~

ive revieved my transcript le..meaning i need to go register SNB,have a body check up and...im starting to be a SN sooonnn....haix...rest-ed for so long,the enthu-ness of becoming a nurse is like dead~kinda feel so sian to work now...arg~but wat to do..i grad with a dip in nursing,ther eis nth else i can do too...dental assistant?hmm..maybe after 2 yrs ba..

can some one tell me whther is it alright to borrow a good friend money?well,i hope i make a right decision in lending a help.hmm...

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Friday, September 25, 2009

im good! i shattered a mirror while working!! i gonna have bad luck for 7 yrs!!lol..dr phan still dare to sae luo di kai hua maybe can go buy the lottery!kao!!!i hope i not going to have 7 yrs bad luck lor!!lol..at least im better than hcp..she broke 2 mirror within an hr..she is the queen.lol.today say smth amusing..dr phan is so cute!!!he was so happy over a very very very mini thing...that is he found his long lost cup in the clinic!!lol...his expression is so like a child ho found his toy!!!the dr phan whom i always assist is a person hu tok not much.. a bit dao etc..and today..i found smth amusing..realli!!lol!!!
one good news!!i got an A for my prcp..realli happy! but frankly speaking when alene told me her score..i realli dun dare to mention my grade..i scare she will get more dissapointed as to then, i dont like frens around me to be dissapointed,i want them to be happy and cheerful..but anyway..grade is grade.. when realli comes to work..what i think most impt as a nurse is realli ur knowledge,care and concern and ur resposiblities towards all thing..that is what i think as a A star nurse..prcp is realli nth as compare to my future as a nurse..
im seriously looking forward to mon tanning session cum steamboat.BUT a phone call shattered my eagerly looking forward thing..when i heard u all went for steamboat today..i realli dissapointed,no more looking forward to outing on mon..when u all said to go again..of course i wont want to..cox u girls had went today..there is no more craving in u girls for steamboat in jus 3 days..dont know y..im really upset and haix..okie i shall wait for next time..wonder when is the next time..T.T maybe when there is a next time...i wont be there too...

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Monday, September 21, 2009

okie! back to blog! finally got the energy to blog. working hard for $$ is reall not inspiring at all.i felt more and more sian as compare to the past when i jus start out as a dental assistant.i wonder...if i got my pay next week...will there be a person to go shopping with me? go oversea with me!! aw~i seriously wanted to go on a trip with frens or maybe alone too?

went to watch the ugly truth with huixian and yy!the show is realli thumbS up..heehs..o and after soooooo soooo soooo long~i went back to geyland to have the tian ji porridge!its soooo yummy!and guess what! after the dinner we walk from lor 17 to lor 42 to hunt for the you tian da wang..and sad to say! we cant find it!!!!that goes the dessert.in the end we got to know that it had shifted according to the taxi uncle! grr...BUT! rochor beancurd is still around!wee~

i felt so hmm a bit jealous?wonder y~ y~ y~y can my colleague went to that brunch to work...i want to go too! but its not planned for me.my incharge sux!lol.o and glad to hear about him again!lolx and was rather amazed that he got another 'guarding angel" lolx!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

miss u girls including boong~i wonder when i will get to see u all again? this yr? next yr? we promised to meet up often,but say is really easy than doing it as all of us r busy with our own life.i realli miss the times i had when i still stay at tampines.having moments such as sharing cab tgt back to tampines and not now i had to pay for my own cabbing.walking hm tgt even though its late at night now im walking home all along with black people around me spying me.we rushed for the last train tgt,even if we miss it,we r still going hm tgt.now im rushing train alone,if i miss it,i got to look for my own transport. we used to play badminton at community centre,and its jus a few min walking distance to it.now i had to spent 2 hrs in order to had a game with u girls there.

my full time job is starting soon.frankly speaking i never look forward to starting it.from the day i went for the interview,i was actually hoping they wont enroll me.i went for the sake of going not knowing what i actually want.bt if i wont be a nurse,then hw will my future turn out to be?this has been pestering me for long...im afraid of commiting too much to my work and left little time for myself.3 shifts is no joke,dealing with life and death and family members emotions.all this r mental challenge.of course i knoe other jobs do have this problem too...which one is better? having a healthy but hot headed client to buy a product or a sick and bed bounded client who needs u to attend to her every single min and being qn by family members about ur capabilities? human being r selfish,they tends to hurt someone who put their heart and soul to care for them.once my job start,i wonder...when will i be able to celebrate friends bdae again,when will i play with my frens again,when will i be able to go shopping with a fresh body,when will i had a family dinner and when can i start a relationship again. ?

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Monday, September 14, 2009

"it's easy to remember but hard to forget" by alene.i like it.met a new colleague today. her name: lai yee.nice lady she is 35 yrs old.i really enjoy toking to her.straighforward and jokeful,most of all she enlightened me.thank you! rather sad as she is leaving the job this week.once again..im trying to dig out his private life again,and its realli cfm...he got another partner.well.i shall set my heart and says:ur probation period is over!byebye!". can i really did it...haix haix!!im jus a girl whom u wont notice much about her prescence...where is my prince?i wonder~

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

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